Lost Heaven Rail Roads or the LHRR is the company overseeing the rail roads of Lost Heaven, including its tram and elevated railway.


The tram of Lost Heaven consists of a large amount of single-cart trams following a certain line around the city. The player may enter these, as well as killing the driver - bringing the tram to a stop. The tram will make a bell like sound right before it's leaving the station. The player should be wary of the tram as he or she navigates around Lost Heaven by car, as the tram can inflict heavy damage to both Tommy and the vehicle.

Elevated Railway

The elevated railway line of Lost Heaven consists of trains riding on an elevated line around the city. They travel from Winslet Avenue in the west to Market Avenue in the east. These two stations are turning-points, where the trains change direction.


  • Winslet Avenue
  • Little Italy
  • Central Island
  • Giuliano Street
  • New Ark
  • Down Town
  • Central Hoboken
  • Market Avenue


  • Winslet Avenue station
  • Down Town station