Lost Heaven International Airport is a location in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


The airport is located about a mile from the New Ark entrance to the countryside. This is another backbone of Lost Heaven's economy as it brings in people like businessmen to the city. There are two runways that cross each other, as well as a flying school to train student pilots.


Tommy first came to the airport when he was ordered by Don Salieri to liquidate the family's consigliere Frank Colletti for planning to give evidence about the family's operations to the police. Tommy followed Frank from his home in Oakwood; then they reached the airport that was guarded by several police. Tommy killed the police officers and confronted Frank. Frank explained that the police were threatening his family so he was forced to cooperate with them, Tommy then believed Frank and help him find his family but handcuffed him in case he was lying. Tommy found Frank's family, and Frank gave Tommy the key to the safe in the bank and agreed to come with Tommy, but Tommy let him go so he could escape with his family to Europe. Tommy then went to the bank to retrieve the evidence and report to Salieri that Frank is dead.

Tommy then came to airport the second time to go after Don Morello. They arrived at the airport but the car suddenly broke down and Tommy was forced to pursue Morello on foot. He killed Morello's men but Morello then boarded an airplane to escape. Luckily Sam was able to fix the car, and the two were able to inflict enough damage to Morello's plane, causing it to crash and explode.

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  • Overview of the airport
  • Hangars
  • Air school
  • Airship
  • Hangar
  • Airport interior
  • Airport interior
  • Meacham International Airport circa 1965