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Lost Heaven is located in the American Midwest, riddled with corruption and home to powerful crime bosses who built their empires off the back of Prohibition. It is a bustling metropolis with many features expected in a large city such as public transport, busy streets, skyscrapers, hotels, and a busy shipping port. Due to the Great Depression the city's prosperity has been hit hard, and the lack of money has taken its toll on the citizens. Corruption has seeped into every part of society as Don Salieri and Don Morello buy out judges, politicians, business owners and police officers. Poverty is rampant across the city and many have nothing to their name.

Geographical Information

Lost Heaven is divided into three sections: the West side, the Central side and the East Side, with each one separated by the West River. Outside the city is the countryside, which features a motel, airport, dam, and more.


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Map of Lost Heaven (click for larger view)

Law and Order

The Lost Heaven Police Department uphold the various laws that have been set. They are made up of mainly Irish immigrants, and are heavily corrupt and turn a blind eye to the bootlegging and other crimes committed by Salieri and Morello.


Criminal Organizations


  • The city of Chicago, Illinois served as the inspiration for Lost Heaven.
  • Despite being inspired by Chicago, Lost Heaven does not replace it in the Mafia series canon.
  • The press releases and retail packaging of the Mafia Trilogy claim that Lost Heaven is a city in the state of Illinois, though this information is not presented in the game itself.