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Lincoln Clay Case Files are a pre-release teaser put out by 2K Games containing background information on Lincoln Clay and other Mafia III characters and events.

The case files belong to retired FBI Agent Jonathan Maguire. The files and notes are written in present day (2016).

Case File 001-005a-68f

The file is an audio recording of Lincoln Clay talking about the concept of innocence.

Lincoln Clay Case File Evidence Bag.png

Case File 001-105g-88c

The file is a police blotter dated 16 May 1968 listing four incidents. The note surmises that nearly every crime in New Bordeaux from 1968 onward could be traced back to Lincoln Clay and his war with the Italian mafia.

Case File 001-119a-68c

The file is an audio recording of Lincoln Clay speaking to Cassandra.

Lincoln Clay Case File Evidence Bag.png

Case File 001-120a-68b

The file is an audio recording of Lincoln Clay speaking to Thomas Burke.

Lincoln Clay Case File Evidence Bag.png

Case File 001-120a-68b-2

The file is an audio recording of Vito Scaletta.

Lincoln Clay Case File Evidence Bag.png

Case File 003-167z-09b

Photo showing Vito Scaletta along with Lincoln Clay at Benny's. The note states that after Vito killed Carlo Falcone, he left Empire Bay and remarks his connections are the only reason he is still alive. He effectively stayed off the police's radar until he joined with Lincoln Clay in 1968.

Case File 004-0022-35c

The image of a burning vehicle with a note detailing the death of Bill Eakin, a reporter for the New Bordeaux Tribune, who had presumably been killed for a hatchet piece he ran on Marcano.

Case File 004-0625-19c

Photo showing union rep Gus Borelli shortly before his disappearance along with Dominick and Geezer Cruzat. The note states that Dominick had direct ties to Tony Derazio, boss of Downtown.

Case File 004-093k-06a

A news clipping dated 24 June 1968 detailing the search for missing union rep Gus Borelli being called off by the New Bordeaux Police Department. The note expresses the author's frustration that nobody listened to his findings back in 1968, and he attributes Borelli's disappearance to Jimmy Cavar, owner of Cavar Construction.

Case File 004-093k-06b

Newspaper clipping from the present day describing a body being found in the concrete foundation of the Pappideaux Building after its demolition. The note states the author hopes that someone will finally listen to him concerning Lincoln Clay and his war with the mafia back in 1968.

Case File 005-0088c-69b

Photo of Baka, leader of the Haitian Mob. The note reads how he was a mastermind at gun running and selling weed in New Bordeaux, and even started to cut into Marcano's profit margins by hitting operations like the Black Lottery. He took advantage of local superstitions and legends like that of Jean St. John, and had the local police and his competition chasing their tails.

Case File 006-099g-08f

Photo of the Perfect Waffle restaurant in Frisco Fields with a picture of an unknown male paper-clipped to it. The note details how the restaurant was a den of mob activity back in 1968 and how the police blew the investigation into Gus Borelli's disappearance.

Case File 013-043o-96k

An FBI wanted poster issued by Agent Maguire stating Lincoln Clay is public enemy number one. It details Lincoln's physical features, personal information, known aliases, and crimes committed.

Case File 022-169h-69q

Photo showing gun running and killings by the Haitians and the note stating that they used voodoo and ghost stories about Jean St. John as a cover when someone went missing.

Case File 068-112c-44o

Police report by Detective Jake Boudreaux of a weapons smuggling bust. The note states that the Haitian Mob was making a dent in the Marcano Family's operations by smuggling weapons.

Case File 068-1114n-53n

Hand written note with numbers racket winners dated January 5, 1968. Attached note describes how the Black Mob ran the racket in Delray Hollow for Marcano.

Case File 068-40041-15b

Photo showing Thomas Burke. The note reads how at one point he ran Pointe Verdun, but after a falling out with Sal Marcano in 1966 over a lost shipment he had all his rackets taken away.

Case File 068-83265-01j

Photo showing Sammy's Bar with a note describing how Sammy Robinson ran the Black Mob out of there and how he recruited young black kids off the street to work for him.

Case File 083-0149t-11t

FBI report dated 4/16/68 detailing a rash of car thefts in Frisco Fields coinciding with increased activity at chop shops they have under surveillance. The attached note reads that it apparently traced back to an informant named Borelli.

Case File 111-6363j-53d

Newspaper clipping of John Donovan after his graduation from Princeton University, along with a redacted combat operations after action report dated May, 1967 detailing Operation Ghost Story. The attached note reads that the newspaper clipping is the only evidence that confirms John Donovan actually existed before he worked for the CIA.

Case File 117-001s-55p

Photo showing union rep Gus Borelli meeting Vito Scaletta after his body is found. The note states that Gus was pitting Sal Marcano and Vito against each other to advance in Sal's criminal organization. It also looks like Gus was playing both sides and was working as an informant before his death.

Case File 209-052a-13v

Photo showing drugs and money from a shipping container at the docks. The note states how the bust seemed suspicious at the time, thinking there was a bigger play involved, possible involving Vito Scaletta.

Case File 415-5100t-68e

Case file detailing the personal and criminal information of a member of the Marcano Crime Family named Giuseppe Buffa. This guy has connections to the docking districts and local union bosses.

Case File 415-5100t-68e-2

Case file concerning how Agent Maguire was able to connect the dots on his investigation into Lincoln Clay with a photo of union representative Gus Borelli attached.

Case File 451-6221p-67c

After action report from December 1966 detailing a classified mission run by CIA agent John Donovan that destroyed an estimated 4000 lbs of opium. Lincoln Clay took part in the operation and it is where he and Donovan first met. Lincoln's actions in this operation earned him the Distinguished Service Cross.

Case File 839-2982v-68s

An FBI wanted poster of Vito Scaletta.


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