Joe's Apartment is a location in Empire Bay.


It serves as a central hub around which much of the game revolves, with many missions either starting, ending, or including the location at some point. It's situated on the third floor of an apartment building in Little Italy. In the back, there are two garages, one of which is Joe's; the other is given to Vito Scaletta to store his vehicles. Its first appearance is in Home Sweet Home, when Vito comes to visit Joe the day after his return home. As well as being Joe's home, Vito lives there throughout the next four chapters of the game.

As the time passes, the decor will change as Joe spends his cash on nicer things. In the 1940s, the US was at war, times were hard and this is reflected in the overall decor of the apartment. Later, when Joe becomes a made man, he lavishes himself on the best that money can buy, showing the same taste in his home furnishings as he does his attire. From 1945 to 1950, Joe skipped town and went into hiding after Luca Gurino took out a contract on him. While away, Antonio Balsamo looked after the apartment, returning the keys upon Joe's return.


  • All of the pinups can be seen on the walls.
  • Many items in the apartment can be interacted with, including a flamingo statue added in the 50s, where Vito will respond by saying "What the hell are these things?".
  • Joe's Apartment cannot be used by Jimmy in either of his DLCs.


  • Joe's apartment, during the 1940s
  • Cut decor from Joe's apartment
  • Joe's apartment, during the 1950s