Jimmy's Vendetta is the second installment of downloadable content for Mafia II. It continues the story of Jimmy from The Betrayal of Jimmy. It was released on September 7th 2010 for $9.99 (£6.50 in the UK) for PC and PS3 (On PSN 9th of September), and 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. In addition to 34 new missions with online leaderboards, Jimmy's Vendetta adds ten new achievements to earn.


Jimmy's Vendetta is set in an alternate timeline of 1950s Empire Bay and is not meant to be canon with the Mafia Series. It is the story of an independent mob enforcer who took down both the Bombers and Empire Bay Triads, only to be sent to prison after his employers set him up with a trunk full of drugs and a tip-off to the police.

The story opens with a riot at the Hartmann Federal Penitentiary. Jimmy uses the distraction to orchestrate his escape. Once free, he begins to take down the Gravina Crime Family and Brodie Gang, the two groups responsible for his incarceration. He attacks their rackets and operations until nothing is left but the bosses themselves, then he takes them out. When they're dealt with, he goes after Judge Hillwood, the man behind both groups who was calling the shots all along.


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Gravina Crime Family

Brodie Gang



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Jimmy's Vendetta has 34 arcade style missions, including 12 vehicle theft missions, for the player to complete.


1940s Era Vehicles

1950s Era Vehicles

Mission Only Vehicles


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First StepFirst Step - Complete your first mission in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 10G/Bronze

Faster than LightFaster than Light - Achieve a 10x point multiplier in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 10G/Bronze

ExplorerExplorer - Drive a total of 1,000 miles in vehicles in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 10G/Bronze

Armament KingArmament King - Kill your enemies in "Jimmy's Vendetta" with every weapon available in the game. - 10G/Bronze

FirebugFirebug - Destroy 100 vehicles in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 10G/Bronze

Sharp ShooterSharp Shooter - Kill 100 enemies by headshots in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 10G/Bronze

CarnapperCarnapper - Finish all Car Dealer missions in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 50G/Bronze

RevengedRevenged - Finish "Jimmy's Vendetta" on any difficulty level. - 100G/Silver

MillionaireMillionaire - Earn 1,000,000 points in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 20G/Silver

MassacreMassacre - Kill 1,000 enemies in "Jimmy's Vendetta". - 20G/Bronze

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Mafia II DLC Trailer Jimmy's Vendetta

Mafia II DLC Trailer Jimmy's Vendetta