Hollis Dupree is a character in Mafia III.



Hollis Dupree is a military veteran who served in World War II and the Korean War. He currently resides in Southdowns.


In 1968, Hollis Dupree killed two African-American men, Lamont Harris, aged 24, and Trey McCall, aged 25, when they came to Dupree's home asking for help with a flat tire. Dupree claims that it was done in self defense and he thought they were there to kill him, though one of them was shot in the back.


Cornelius Holden was the presiding judge over his case until he was killed by Lincoln Clay to weaken Lou Marcano. Holden's dialogue with his bodyguards indicates he intended to acquit Dupree of the charges, since he thought a white man should have the right to defend his home.



  • He can be heard on Native Son being interviewed by Remy Duvall.
  • Trey McCall has a military service record, and Lamont Harris has a juvenile criminal record. No further details are known about either of these.


  • Crime scene photo
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