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Happy Birthday is a mission in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


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May 2nd, 1935

Don Salieri begins to put together a plan for taking apart the Morello Crime Family once and for all, and he hatches the first step in his plan. He tells Tommy Angelo, Paulie Lombardo, and Sam Trapani that city councilor Roberto Ghillotti is still seeing red over the murder of his son nearly three years earlier and still desires revenge against the Salieri family, and that he'll never turn on Morello as a result.

In order to scare Morello's affiliates and give the Salieri family an advantage in the war against the Morello family, Tommy is sent to liquidate Roberto Ghillotti, who's celebrating his 50th birthday by throwing a shindig on the Lost Heaven Queen. Don Salieri paid off a crew member to have pocket revolver hidden behind a toilet onboard the boat. Tommy sneaks onto the boat disguised as a sailor, after Paulie and Sam knocked out a sailor in the bathroom, so his uniform could be stolen. Tommy sneaks around the ship and ends up getting into a fight with a sailor, who recognizes him as one of Salieri's men. Tommy is able to beat up the sailor and knock him out cold, before he can alert anyone to Tommy's presence. He then makes his way to a boiler room on the boat, and meets up with the severely drunk crew member who was on Salieri's payroll, who tells him which bathroom onboard contains the hidden gun.

Tommy then makes his way to one of the ship's bathrooms, and finds the pistol he was looking for to complete the job hidden behind a toilet. Tommy then makes his way to a vantage point overlooking Ghillotti's speech. Shortly he begins speaking and after he sets off his birthday fireworks, Roberto Ghillotti is shot and killed by Tommy. The crowd panics, and Morello's men on board spring into acton to deal with Tommy. Tommy makes his way through more fireworks that were set off on the upper level of the ship and pose a hazard, and he fights his way through the heavily armed Morello family shooters onboard that were supposed to protect Ghillotti. In the end, Tommy is able to make his way to a speedboat near the steamboat being driven by Paulie and Sam, which the three men escape the scene of the crime with.


For collectibles found in this mission, please see the Collectible Walkthrough.

The walkthrough should serve as an abbreviated guide rather than a step-by-step tutorial.


Completing this chapter grants the Death on the Water achievement, unlocks the Sailor outfit, and opens up the Professional Protection mission in Free Ride.


  • The gun being hidden behind the toilet is a clear reference to the famous critically acclaimed Mafia film The Godfather, in which Michael Corleone uses a similarly hidden gun to kill two of his enemies.
  • Two notes found onboard the Lost Heaven Queen incorrectly state the year as 1933. However, they could be explained as old notes from two years earlier that were left behind and forgotten about.