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The Garage is a location in Mafia II.


Garages are where the player can store their favorite vehicles for use throughout the game. You're first given access to them at the end of Chapter 2, where Joe will tell you to store your Jefferson Provincial in the garage next to his. There are four garages in total: Joe's Apartment, Scaletta Apartment, Villa Scaletta, and Marty's Apartment.

The main game allows you to store up to 10 cars while all three DLCs raise that level to 30. Any additional DLC vehicles add to that total. The cars in all four garages are the same regardless of where you added them.

Garage Usage

  • To store a car, stop in front of the garage and you will be prompted to either park or switch the vehicle.
  • The main game allows you access to the garage where you currently live as well as Joe's apartment throughout the game.
  • In Joe's Adventures you have access to Joe's apartment, Villa Scaletta, and Marty's apartment throughout the DLC.
  • In both Jimmy DLCs you have access to Vito's apartment, Villa Scaletta, and Marty's apartment throughout the DLC.
  • While viewing the vehicles in your garage you can see your garage's current capacity, as well as the statistics for each vehicle.
  • The main game gives you the option of repairing your vehicles for a fee; however, in all three DLCs they're automatically repaired free of charge every time you park them inside.
  • Once you store a vehicle in the garage the only way to remove it is to sell it at Bruski's Scrap & Salvage or at the docks. Once the garage is full you can swap one vehicle with another.
  • DLC vehicles can only be removed by uninstalling the content from your PC or console.