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Gangsters Monthly is a collectible in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Gangsters Monthly features a series of 10 classic crime capers you may have heard of. These are memorable moments from the Mafia Series that have been reimagined as comic book covers.


There are 10 Gangsters Monthly to collect. Some can only be found in missions, while others can be collected at any time. For a detailed guide of all collectibles, please see the Mafia: DE Collectible Walkthrough.


Designates an item found only while a specific mission is active.

Issue #1: A Trip to the Country. On a chair in the vault level of the Grand Imperial Bank during Omerta.

Issue #2: All Saint's Day Massacre. Found in a fenced in area in Little Italy about two blocks west of Salieri's Bar. Must climb over a fence to get it.

Issue #3: Beware the Hanoi Hangman. By a small shack near the water, south of the Terranova Bridge on the Chinatown side.

Issue #4: Jimmy's Vendetta. Found outside the wall near the southeast guard tower of the State Prison on Central Island.

Issue #5: The Mafia Three. On the roof of a diner in North Park east of Pepe's Restaurant. Must use a vehicle to jump onto the roof using a ramp to the east.

Issue #6: Moonlighting. In the hallway on the top floor of Paulie's Apartment during The Death of Art.

Issue #7: An Offer You Can't Refuse. On the south side balcony of Clark's Motel in North County.

Issue #8: The Racing Racketeer. By a trash can at the entrance to the alley behind Biff's Pawn Shop in Chinatown.

Issue #9: Sarah. In the bathroom of room 210 of the Corleone Hotel during The Saint and the Sinner.

Issue #10: Steam Boys. Found in the first accessible train car at the Lost Heaven Harbor during You Lucky Bastard.