Free Ride is a game mode in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven that is immediately available when the game is started, unlike Free Ride Extreme.

Within this game mode, there are two options: Small City and Town.

  • Small City mode - You can play this mode after you finish the first story chapter. In it you only have available a part of the city.
  • Town mode - This mode is achieved as you progress through the story mode, and lets you play throughout the city and the countryside. You can also choose between day and night.

You can also set the density of the pedestrian traffic, police patrols, and vehicle traffic once those options become available.

Ways To Earn Money

  • Killing gangsters will earn you $1,000 each.
    • They will either be one on foot or two in all black "gangster" variants of the Falconer and Wright Coupe.
  • Driving above a certain speed threshold will earn you $100 per second.
  • Destroying vehicles will earn you $100 each.
  • Picking people up in taxis will earn you varying amounts of money.

Services and Prices

  • New Ark Hospital - Restore Health ($1,000)
  • Salieri's Bar - Save your game ($2,000)
  • Lucas Bertone's shop - Repair your car ($2,000)
  • Yellow Pete's Shop - Purchase weapons ($50-$2,000, depending on the weapon)


The missions in Free Ride are not story related, but as you progress through the game more options are unlocked.