Frankie Potts is a minor character in Mafia II.



He was an undercover FBI agent trying to uncover the secrets of Empire Bay's criminal underworld. His apartment can be seen in the flash site of Mafia II's homepage The Story of Frankie Potts. He and Joe Barbaro dislike each other, as shown in Frankie's files.

After spending some weeks in Empire Bay familiarizing himself with the three families, he does work for the Falcone crime family. He then accompanies some Falcone men on a drug deal with a local street gang, the Bombers. However, he skims off the top of the profits from the deal and spends it at the Garden of Eden, a gentlemen's club frequented by Falcone Crime Family members.

He becomes increasingly worried that his recklessness with the money may cause him to be found out by Falcone higher-up Eddie Scarpa.

Frankie Potts Apartment

When Joe requests to investigate how the money from the deal was used, Frankie realizes that drastic times call for drastic measures. He formulates a plan to rig a bomb to Carlo Falcone's car. He is caught in the act and has to fight his way to freedom, killing two Falcone goons in the process. One of them is Falcone's frequent driver Berto Grossano, who Frankie manages to pin the blame on. With the family thinking Berto was the rat, Frankie begins to calm his nerves. He goes on a celebratory binge of booze and women, and he is hailed as a hero by his 'colleagues'.


Frankie Potts Week 16-1

Frankie's last telegram before being killed

Sixteen weeks into Frankie's unauthorized investigation into Empire Bay's criminal underworld, Eddie Scarpa finally discovers that Frankie had been skimming profits. He phones Frankie ahead out of kindness, to tell Frankie of the 'development'. Scarpa then heads straight to Frankie's apartment on 142 Main Street. He enters as Frankie is frantically typing out a telegram to the Bureau, detailing recent events. He does not finish this telegam, and meets an unfortunate end at the hands of Scarpa. After being killed on April 8th, 1951, Scarpa was told to bury Frankie. He places Frankie's body inside the trunk of his car to be buried, but he wasn't until two days later.


  • He is 5'8'' and 135 lbs.
  • Aspects of him could possibly be based on the real life Joe Pistone who went undercover in the Bonanno crime family as Donnie Brasco which inspired the film Donnie Brasco.
  • His part was originally more involved, to what extent is unknown, but he had lines voiced by actor Jason J. Lewis.