Frank Colletti is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.



Frank is the Consigliere of the Salieri Crime Family and Don Salieri's best friend. His main concern is family finance and the legal side of business. He is well suited to this. At first sight he does not seem to belong among these criminals, as he is a very quiet inconspicuous nice guy. He does his work mainly because of an attachment to Don Salieri, as well as their mutual past. They grew up together in a poor quarter and thanks to Don he gained most of what he has, Frank betrays the don and a hit was ordered by Salieri but Tommy is unable to do this. If he had grown up in any other place he would certainly be a successful lawyer or businessman.

Frank's family is kidnapped by the police and Don Morello's thugs and told the only way to free them is to cooperate and hand over incriminating evidence on the Salieri family's affairs. He cooperates and Salieri orders Tommy Angelo to kill him.


After confronting Frank at the airport, Tommy learns about Frank's position and rescues his family from where they are being held captive. Tommy then allows them to escape to Europe and tells Salieri that Frank is dead. Later Sam reveals that Salieri discovered Frank was alive and had him murdered five years after his betrayal.



  • He bears a striking resemblance to Harvey Epstein.
  • During the early stages of the game, Frank had a rounder face and less hair.


  • Unused Frank's funeral photo from the game's files
  • Frank Colletti's "grave"