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The Family Kick-Back Pack is a DLC for Mafia III. It contains three exclusive vehicles and weapons.


Don't know about where you're from, but New Bordeaux can be a dangerous town. If you're planning to head down to these parts, anyhow, it's always best to come prepared! The Italian Mafia has a stranglehold on the city, and it's all about kick-backs to your bosses to keep them happy.

Here’s good news for anyone that pre-orders Mafia III: Simply for guaranteeing your trip to New Bordeaux on October 7th 2016 with a pre-order, you get a kick-back of your own.

We're talking three exclusive cars and weapons - representing your three lieutenants in the game that will report to Lincoln Clay. They are available free at launch for pre-orders to help give you a jump on taking down the Marcano family. So, if you're already planning to get Mafia III, take a closer look at this video to see what the Family Kick-Back Pre-Order Bonus has in store for you.


Vito Scaletta's Kick-Back

"Classic Tools of the Trade"

Cassandra's Kick-Back

"Lethal, just like the Voodoo Queen"

Burke's Kick-Back

"If it'll stop a Gator it'll stop a Man"


  • The Family Kick-Back pack was originally a pre-order bonus and was released for sale on all platforms on November 22, 2016.
  • The Family Kick-Back Pack is now included free of charge in the Mafia III: Definitive Edition.

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