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Fair Play is a mission in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


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September 3rd, 1932

It's 1932 and the Lost Heaven Grand Prix is around the corner. Paulie, Sam, Don Salieri, and other fellow race fans put their money on Mikey Dunne, a local racing driver whom Salieri has loaned money to before. However, Don Salieri told Tommy that a European racer is entering the race and putting Mikey at a disadvantage, as well as people's bets at risk. In order to give Mikey a fighting chance, Don Salieri figured that Tommy should boost the European's car, bring it to one of his mechanics to be tinkered, and return the car without damaging it or being caught by the police.


For collectibles found in this mission, please see the Collectible Walkthrough.

Meet Ralph. He'll give you a heads-up about the situation on the race track, as well as giving you the information about a mechanic named Lucas Bertone who operates a shop under Giuliano Bridge.

First, head for the race track, where the guard's been waiting for Tommy. Park by the guard post, meet the guard, and take his car to reach the European's race car. Once you're inside the race car, drive to Lucas Bertone's garage, where he'll work his magic. Afterwards, return to the race track, but keep an eye on the engine temperature gauge.

The following morning, Frank informed Tommy that Mikey had to be hospitalised after Morello's goons beat him up, forcing him to drive in place of Mikey. Then, look for Paulie, who is intoxicated, and drive him home.

Time Limits

Minutes to complete:

  • Easy = 4:00 - 5:00
  • Medium = 3:30 - 3:30
  • Hard = 3:00 - 3:00
  • Classic = 2:30 - 2:10


Completing this chapter grants the Neighborhood Hero and Supercharged achievements, as well as the Not Classy achievement if you dropped Paulie off at the Blue Tropics at the end of the mission. It also unlocks the Fancy, Casual, Refined, and Racing Outfits, and opens up the Post Card missions at Bertone's Auto Service.


  • An optional mission objective is to drop Paulie off at the Blue Tropics instead of his apartment. Doing this will earn the Not Classy achievement.
  • After the race, if you peek through a broken window at the garages, you can see two Morello thugs beating up Martin Lichtenberg for losing the race.