The Epilogue is the ending cutscene in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


After Tommy Angelo's confession to Detective Norman, the narrative skips to 1951, where Tommy narrates his life and trials to his family and in-laws during the wedding of his daughter. The cutscene shows vignettes of Tommy's life behind bars during his eight year prison sentence from 1938-1946, and the fates of the surviving Salieri Crime Family members: Don Ennio Salieri is convicted and sentenced to life in prison, and Vincenzo Ricci and Ralph are arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for their criminal activities.


Tommy Angelo's Death

The scene begins during the wedding of Tommy's daughter and the subsequent reception, where a significantly older Tommy Angelo recalled his days as a soldier in Salieri's family where someone told him that family is a man's biggest weakness, his Achilles' heel so to speak.

He narrates that everything he has done, both good and bad, were done for his family. Tommy describes how he has turned his back on the crime family he used to view as his friends, and during the 8 years he spent in prison, kept true to his promises. Promises for him to come home as a better husband, a better father, and a better man, having matured and moved on from his previous life of crime. Tommy goes on to say that despite seeing family as one's greatest weakness, he also views it as one's greatest strength, and an inspiration for them to get out of bed in the morning and pursue their dreams, in his own words, "even when they're moving too fast to catch."

Tommy Angelo's Death

The scene cuts to a now 51 year old Tommy watering his front lawn at his new home in Empire Bay, when two hitmen in a Smith Moray, revealed in Mafia II to be Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro pull over, exit the car, and approach Tommy. Vito asks for a "Mr. Angelo", which Tommy confirms as being himself, ready to face the fate he knew awaited him for becoming a government informant. Vito tells him that Salieri sends his regards, and Tommy is fatally shot in the stomach with a lupara by Joe. As Tommy lay dying on his front lawn, a grieving Sarah, their children come to his aid. Tommy, in his dying words, assures them that they are safe, and tells them that while money, jobs, and best pals will come and go, family is forever.


  • As the car pulls up to the house, Mafia II's main theme can be heard playing.
  • The length of Vincenzo and Ralph's sentences are unknown, however it is unlikely they received life sentences like Don Salieri.

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