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Empire Bay Radio Stations consist of Delta Radio, Empire Central Radio, and Empire Classic Radio. There is also Press Radio News, a service that broadcasts news about World War II on all three stations in 1945. The stations can be listened to while driving or inside a building on a radio. The music and genres on each station changes as the era changes.

Each station has scripted songs and news broadcasts that play at specified times in the game to accompany specific missions. Examples of this would be in The Buzzsaw, while driving to 233 Misery Lane, The Fat Man will play on Delta Radio. In the mission Stairway to Heaven, after killing Tommy Angelo, the radio will talk about the shootout in The Red Dragon and the song Ling Ting Tong by The Five Keys will play.


  • Many of the songs in Mafia II are anachronistic to their time period.
  • When Lowell Harris of Press Radio News reports on the British bombing a Nazi factory, he states that the British anthem is "God Save the Queen"; however, "God Save the Queen" did not become the anthem until 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II was made Queen. In 1945 it still would have been "God Save the King", as her father King George VI was still King.