Elroy Tussle is a character in the Mafia II DLC, The Betrayal of Jimmy.


Elroy Tussle is the boss of the Bombers in The Betrayal of Jimmy. He runs all organized crime in the slums of Sand Island and Hunters Point, and he's the main antagonist to Sal Gravina and his organization.

Elroy often tries to interfere with Sal Gravina's operations in an effort to bolster his own gang's standing; however, these efforts are usually in vain as Gravina retaliates by taking down all of his fronts and rackets one by one.

At one point, fed up with Gravina's constant assaults on his gang and ventures, Elroy hires a hit-man named Charon to kill him, but Gravina gets word of the hit and sends Jimmy to find and kill Charon first.

After all of his crime operations and most of his gang have been wiped out, Elroy and his brother Duke seek refuge with what remains of their gang inside the distillery in Sand Island, where they are ultimately killed by Jimmy in the mission Brother and Keeper.


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