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Don Salieri is a character in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Peppone Era

He first arrived in the United States in 1908 and was originally a caporegime under Don Peppone along with Morello. Initially, both Salieri and Morello respected and valued each other. Following Don Peppone's sudden death, the two capos divided their Don's empire and each governed their own territory, becoming the boss and founder of the Salieri Crime Family. Despite their good relationship, Salieri and Morello gradually fell out, leading to a 'cold war' of sorts. Morello would antagonise Salieri, albeit never attempting an outright war with him.

War with Morello

After the fall of the famous peppone the capos had a falling out ending up in them spilting the empire into two one going to Morello and the other going to Salieri. Throughout the years the once untied gang now divided began to show a major difference of how they run their families. Don salieri ran his family with respect and loyalty while his nemesis Don morello ran his terrority out of fear alone and would allow it to use drugs such as morphine and opium. While Ennio would ban the use of drugs he would accept imported liqour and cigars.


By the end of the game, Salieri is shown to be sentenced to life in prison, after Tommy decided to testify against the Salieri family in court, in exchange for his shorter sentence and his family's guaranteed safety. Despite Salieri's imprisonment, his anger at Tommy's betrayal motivates him to seek out allies in the Empire Bay crime families. In 1951, Salieri finally exacts revenge on Tommy through the Falcone Crime Family, Falcone soldatos Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro carrying out the hit on Don Salieri's behalf.


Don Salieri is calculating and generous, willing to help families and friends in need and ensures that his neighborhood is protected from both delinquents and Morello's gang. He is also gifted with the ability to think long-term, noting how the end of Prohibition will force him to venture into new avenues of income, both legal and illegal. He values loyalty above everything but still retains some measure of strictness, ensuring that his subordinates do not get complacent or negligent.

Despite this, Salieri has a darker side, a vengeful anger whenever he is deeply hurt, be it emotionally or financially. Frank Colletti recalls to Tommy Angelo when Colletti's race dog lost for the first time and Salieri attempted to drown it, resorting to shooting it after being stopped by Colletti. He keeps this largely under control but seems to lose control more often after Frank Colletti's departure from the Salieri Crime Family. Following the attempt on his life by Morello, Salieri lashes out at Carlo for betraying him, demonstrating the extent and fury Salieri can have under adverse circumstances.


Notable Murders

  • Carlo (Soldato, Salieri Crime Family)