Don Peppone is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


He was the first Don of the Sicilian Mafia in Lost Heaven, heading up the Peppone Crime Family. He was a powerful criminal and ran all the rackets, warehouses, shipping, police and all the politicians of the city. His two caporegimes were Don Salieri and Don Morello, who served in his family since the beginning. However in 1921, Peppone was killed in a deal gone wrong, Salieri and Morello blamed each other for the Don's death and eventually split the Peppone family into two separate families.

Family Members


  • In the mission Moonlighting, a man who looks exactly like Don Peppone can be seen sitting in the bank. He is talking to a bank employee about building a theme park in Hoboken.


  • A photo of Don Peppone with Salieri and Morello