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This page contains information based on the original Mafia game and has been archived for the sake of posterity. For the Mafia: Definitive Edition version, please see Don Morello or the Mafia: Definitive Edition Portal.

Don Morello is a character in Mafia.


Don Morello is the Don of the Morello Crime Family. At some point, Morello became a close friend of Don Salieri and both served as Don Peppone's two most trusted caporegimes. However, in 1921, Don Peppone was killed in a deal gone awry and Morello and Salieri blamed each other for the death of the Don. They decided to split Lost Heaven into two sections: while Morello operated in the East Side of Lost Heaven, Salieri operated in Little Italy. He eventually gained power as he had a big influence in the city, being greatly helped by his brother Sergio and his connection with the City Councilor. He then tried to extend into Salieri territory, causing a war between the two families. However, he ultimately destroyed everything he's involved in through his overly brutal behavior. In 1935, Salieri planned to assassinate Morello at the opera house in Central Island watching the play Othello; however, it ended earlier than expected but they still pursued Morello.

Mission Appearances


There are several possible death scenes for Morello:

  1. He is shot down in a plane by Tommy.
  2. His car is pushed off a bridge by Tommy.
  3. While the player keeps driving beside him, either Paulie or Sam will shoot him to death, or the player can if their aim is exceptionally on target.


  • One of Morello's most distinctive characteristics is that he only wears white colored clothing.
  • Morello owns a bulletproof Silver Fletcher, which can be obtained in the mission Crème De La Crème (except in the bridge death scene).
  • His name is possibly a reference to the real life Morello crime family (currently known as the Genovese crime family).