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Don Calò is a minor character in Mafia II and the Boss of the Vizzini crime family in Sicily.



The Vizzini crime family were a powerful branch of the Sicilian Mafia, based in the Province of Caltanissetta led by Don Calò. They were founded some time in the 1800s in Sicily. In 1914 Don Calò became the boss of the family. Under his control the Vizzini family became the most powerful Mafia family in Sicily.

World War II

On July 11th, 1943, while Vito's squad was being pinned down by Italian soldiers and Blackshirts, Don Calò started to speak from a tank informing the Italians that they should trust the Americans and together they could bring an end to Il Duce's rule. He promised that if the Italian soldiers surrendered to the Allies they could go home to their families the very same day. Despite opposition from the Blackshirts, who dismiss Don Calo's actions as a trick from the Americans, Italian soldiers choose to surrender.

Don Calò is believed to be very respected because as Vito states: "Don Calò, the head of the Sicilian mafia. An entire garrison of troops surrendered that day. Why? Because he told 'em to". Even Joe who lives overseas in Empire Bay has heard of Don Calò, this shows that he is well known and connected.

Mission Appearances

Sicilian Mafia

Other Mafia series characters with connections to the Sicilian Mafia include Don Peppone, Silvio Clemente, Silvio Tomasino, and Alberto Clemente.


  • Don Calò is the only real-life person to appear as a character in the Mafia series.