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Dime Detective Magazine is a collectible in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Dime Detective Magazine is a compendium of lurid crime stories that thrilled readers during the Great Depression.


There are 20 Dime Detective Magazines to collect. Some can only be found in missions, while others can be collected at any time. For a detailed guide of all collectibles, please see the Mafia: DE Collectible Walkthrough.


Designates an item found only while a specific mission is active.

Issue #1. On a table at the entrance to the center building at St. Peter's Docks during Happy Birthday.

Issue #2. In an upper office of the Grand Imperial Bank during Moonlighting.

Issue #3. On the coffee table inside Tommy's house during The Death of Art.

Issue #4. On a desk in the attendant's office at the Modern Parking Garage during Great Deal.

Issue #5. In a cell on the third level of the State Prison during Election Campaign.

Issue #6. On the couch in the back room of Biff's Pawn Shop during Better Get Used to It.

Issue #7. On a crate on the top level of the Lost Heaven Queen during Happy Birthday.

Issue #8. On a book cart in the library of the Prosecutor's Mansion during Visiting Rich People.

Issue #9. On top of a booth next to Lucas Bertone at the Lost Heaven Autodrome during Fair Play.

Issue #10. On a booth inside Giorgi's Diner during You Lucky Bastard.

Issue #11. On a shelf in a barn at the Copse Farm during A Trip to the Country.

Issue #12. On a stack of lumber behind Clark's Motel in North County.

Issue #13. In the office behind the Concierge's desk at the Corleone Hotel during The Saint and the Sinner.

Issue #14. On the bench in Vincenzo's Armory in Little Italy.

Issue #15. On a bookshelf in the State Prison library during Election Campaign.

Issue #16. In a second floor office of the first customs warehouse during Just for Relaxation.

Issue #17. On a crate in hangar 13 at the Lost Heaven Airport during Crème de la Crème.

Issue #18. On a cupboard in St. Michael's Church during The Saint and the Sinner.

Issue #19. On the last rooftop before crossing the ladder after escaping the Corleone Hotel during The Saint and the Sinner.

Issue #20. On a crate behind the diner where Omerta starts in northeast Little Italy.


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