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Criminal Organizations are highly organized groups set up for the purpose of planning and engaging in illegal activities.


Criminal organizations include Mafia crime families and other groups who engage in illegal activities as part of a structured body under the leadership of a central figure. They often begin as neighborhood gangs who consider that territory theirs to control. As they grow and become organized, they form a rank structure and branch out to gain control of other neighborhoods, businesses, or rackets to increase their wealth and power. These criminal organizations may also be referred to as a gang, mob, family, syndicate, or collectively as organized crime.

Organization Hierarchy

Criminal organizations are structured with a leader or boss, an underboss who is second in command, and lieutenants or caporegimes who will control a group of foot soldiers called a "crew". They also surround themselves with associates, who can either be low ranking members or people of influence such as police officers or politicians who use their influence to benefit the group. Many organizations will also include an advisor, or Consigliere, who is the trusted right hand to the boss or Don.

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