The Corleone Hotel Manager is a minor character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.



He ran the Corleone Hotel, a luxury hotel in downtown Lost Heaven. The hotel is also a front for a luxury brothel for the rich and powerful. Prior to 1932, he was doing business with the Salieri Crime Family. Sometime later, he started doing business with the Morello Crime Family for unknown reasons. The Salieri family started losing a lot of cash flow because of this.


For this betrayal, on behalf of Don Salieri, consigliere Frank Colletti orders soldato Tommy Angelo to liquidate him and steal whatever documents and cash inside his office before he blows up the office. Tommy goes to the front desk to ask where he can find him. The receptionist will tell you he can be found having lunch in the hotel's restaurant and is noticeable due to him wearing a white suit. Tommy finds him and has the choice of talking to him or shooting him plain in the spot. If you choose to talk to him, Tommy will say "This is the way everybody ends up for selling out to Morello".

Mission Appearances