The Consigliere is an adviser to the boss in a Mafia crime family and sometimes seen as his "right-hand man". Considered as the third most valuable position next to the don, all of the don's orders usually come through the consigliere, although he holds no actual power. They are often low profile gangsters that can be trusted.

Consiglieres act as a mediator of disputes or representatives or aides in meetings with other families. They often keep the family looking as legitimate as possible and are sometimes themselves legitimate apart from some minor gambling or loan sharking. Some do not have crews of their own, but still wield great power in the family. They are also often the liaison between the don and important figures, such as politicians or judges. A consigliere's main job is to act as the don's "auxiliary brain", helping him formulate plans.

A consigliere, by the very nature of his job, cannot afford to simply be a yes-man to the don, and is one of the few in the family who can argue with the don on family matters. When the don comes up with a business plan, the consigliere has to challenge that plan's weaknesses until it's foolproof.

The consigliere is the only one in a family who knows all of the don's contacts and secrets, and if made to talk, could bring an entire family to ruin. However, there is neither a future nor potential for profit in this, and as long as he keeps his faith, he and his family will continue to collect his rather substantial wages whether he is imprisoned or dead. Consiglieres are usually viewed as civilians or foreign diplomats, and are not generally targeted by rival families.

Notable Consiglieres

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
Mafia II


  • Vinci consigliere Leo Galante
  • Salieri consigliere Frank Colletti
  • Gravina consigliere Ettore