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Collectibles in Mafia II consist of Playboy magazines and wanted posters located throughout Empire Bay.


Below is a list of collectibles in Mafia II. Click on the individual articles for detailed descriptions and location information. Collectibles can be viewed in the main menu under "Extras".


Playboy Magazines

Playboy Magazines are an in game collectible found throughout Empire Bay. They feature a centerfold model that can be viewed in the extras menu. There are 50 magazines to be collected, most of which only appear in specific missions. An additional 19 magazines are featured in Joe's Adventures. See the magazine page for specific location and chapter details.

Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters are another collectible item in Mafia II. They're found on the exteriors of buildings and alleyways around Empire Bay. Unlike Playboy magazines, they can be collected any time the player can roam freely around the city. Each wanted poster depicts a gangster-style mugshot of a member of the 2K Czech staff. Mafia II has 159 wanted posters to collect, and another 30 are added to the Mafia II: Definitive Edition.


  • Finding one Playboy magazine or wanted poster will earn you the Collector's Item achievement
  • Finding all 50 Playboy magazines will earn you the Ladies' Man achievement.
  • Finding all the wanted posters will earn you the Card Sharp achievement.