The City Councilor is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


He is a politician that has major influence over the political power of Lost Heaven. He is also Billy's father. He first started out as a businessman who owns a large company, however during the First World War, his business was nearly ruined. Eventually Don Morello helped the City Councilor get into politics and, therefore, he is a big supporter and friend of the Morello family and he's, consequently, a very crooked politician who used his influence to protect the Morello Family. As a friend of the mayor, the city councilor is a continual thorn and threat in Don Salieri's side. In 1932, his son was murdered which enraged him, he then ordered the Lost Heaven Police Department to assist Morello in shutting down most of the Salieri family's operations.

In 1935, Tommy Angelo was ordered by Don Salieri to infiltrate his birthday party on a steamboat and publicly assassinate him as he speaks of his plans to catch the man who murdered his son during a speech before his guests he is gunned down on stage. The assassination of the city councilor caused the Morello Crime Family to lose its political contact, rendering the family equally powerful as the Salieri family.

Mission Appearances


  • City councilor during his birthday party in his private room
  • City councilor during his son's funeral
  • City councilor preparing to give a speech
  • City councilor giving a speech
  • City councilor giving a speech