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Cigarette Cards are a collectible in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


Cigarette cards are a series of 22 collectible cards put out by the Big Break tobacco company as a promotional item. Each card features hand-drawn portraits and informative bios for many of the key players in the criminal underbellies of Lost Heaven, Empire Bay, and New Bordeaux.


There are 22 Cigarette Cards to collect. Most can only be found in missions, while others can be collected at any time. For a detailed guide of all collectibles, please see the Mafia: DE Collectible Walkthrough.


Designates an item found only while a specific mission is active.

Card #1 Tommy Angelo. Found in the hallway of Tommy's house during The Death of Art.

Card #2 Paulie Lombardo. Found on a booth at Salieri's Bar during Molotov Party.

Card #3 Sam Trapani. Found in the back room of Bertorelli's Bakery during Ordinary Routine.

Card #4 Don Salieri. Found in the billiards room of the Prosecutor's Mansion during Visiting Rich People.

Card #5 Frank Colletti. Found at the Lost Heaven Airport during Omerta.

Card #6 Vincenzo Ricci. Found in a cell of the State Prison when making your escape during Election Campaign.

Card #7 Luigi Marino. Found in the garage behind Vincenzo at the Lost Heaven Autodrome during Fair Play.

Card #8 Don Morello. Found on the front desk of the building at St. Peter's Docks during Happy Birthday.

Card #9 Sergio Morello. Found in the Dispatch Hall building after crossing the wooden bridge at the Lost Heaven Harbor during You Lucky Bastard.

Card #10 Don Peppone. Found in the office of Salieri's Bar.

Card #11 Tomaso Moretti. Found in an office on the second floor of the first warehouse during Just for Relaxation.

Card #12 Carlo Falcone. Found on a bench under a shack roof at the Copse Farm during A Trip to the Country.

Card #13 Frank Vinci. On a bench in the entrance of St. Michael's Church during The Saint and the Sinner.

Card #14 Leo Galante. Found in room 104 of the Corleone Hotel during The Saint and the Sinner.

Card #15 Fredo Clemente. Found near the water on the east side of Central Island, just north of the Marshall Bridge.

Card #16 Louie Romeo. Found near the water on the west side of North Park, north of the Giuliani Bridge.

Card #17 Giuseppe Carillo. Found on a workbench at Bertone's Auto Service.

Card #18 Valerio Marcano. in the corridor after the courtyard in the Lost Heaven Art Gallery during The Death of Art.

Card #19 Lou Marcano. Found on a counter inside the Smith Service Station during Better Get Used to It.

Card #20 Sal Marcano. Found on the vault level of Grand Imperial Bank during Moonlighting.

Card #21 Lucio Marcano. Found at the Lost Heaven Airport during Crème de la Crème.

Card #22 Sammy Robinson. Found on a stack of lumber outside Salieri's Warehouse.