Charon is a character in the Mafia II DLC, The Betrayal of Jimmy.


He is a hit-man and member of the Bombers sent by Elroy Tussle to kill Sal Gravina in The Betrayal of Jimmy. He got his name because he he places coins on the lips of his victims after he kills them.

In the mission Crossing the Styx Sal sends Jimmy to kill him at the pier in Hunters Point before he gets the chance to carry out his contract.


  • In Crossing the Styx, Sal Gravina refers to him as a "headhunter".
  • Charon, in Greek mythology, is the ferryman of the dead. His job is to take the souls across to the underworld. He will only take those who can pay for their passage, which is why a coin, called an Obol, was placed on the lips of the deceased when buried.
  • Crossing the Styx is a mythological phrase which means crossing over from the world of the living to the world of the dead. The Styx is a river which is said to wrap around Hades (also called Hell) nine times.
  • He has the same skin as Daniel and Leon.