Cavar Construction Site is a location in Mafia III.


It is used as the front for the construction racket in Downtown by the Marcano Crime Family, with Jimmy Cavar serving as its Racket Boss. When completed, it will be the new home of New Bordeaux's City Hall, to be named the Pappideaux Building, named after New Bordeaux's mayor, Ray Pappideaux.


Racket Entrances

During takeover, the racket may be entered through the following points.

Ground Level

  • Two main entrances on the east side of the block.
  • Back entrance on the southwest corner of the block.


  • Closest access is the underground parking garage two blocks west, where you meet Harold Cauley.

Notable Items




  • Weapon Locker with two Cornell 40s on the northern end ground floor level of the site.
  • Cornell 40 on the second floor of the site next to a stack of wooden planks.
  • Mayweather M04A3 on the open roof of the site.
  • M1N8 at the center of the site next to a stack of pipe.


  • $10,500 in cash in various locations.
  • A note on a pallet near the wardrobe.
  • Clothing Wardrobe on the northern street level area of the building site.


Information coming soon.


  • Finished project
  • Cavar Construction sign
  • Note found at the site
  • Newspaper article