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A Caporegime, commonly known as a capo, is a mid-level member of a Mafia crime family and one of the Don's most trusted allies.


A capo is in charge of a crew called a regime. There are usually four to six crews in each family, possibly even seven to ten crews, each one consisting of up to twenty soldatos and associates, though in the past (or in the event of a war) the crew had a larger number of men. Capos run their own family territory but must follow the limitations and guidelines created by the boss, as well as pay him his cut of their profits. Capos are nominated by the underboss, but typically chosen by the boss himself.

Notable Caporegimes


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Mafia III

Mafia: Definitive Edition


  • Joe was offered the position of caporegime in the Falcone crime family in Per Aspera Ad Astra if he killed his best friend Vito. However, he refused and assisted Vito in killing a large number of Falcone men as well as Don Carlo Falcone himself.