Bon Appétit is the 14th mission in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It is the first mission to take place in 1935.


Don Salieri is looking forward to today because he gets to go to his favorite restaurant. However, he learns that his driver is out sick, so he asks Tommy Angelo to drive him there. After arriving and having some food, everything becomes complicated.


Drive to Pepe's Restaurant

After the cutscene is over, climb into the Don's Lassiter V16 Roadster and drive to Pepe's Restaurant in New Ark. Along the way, the Don says that Pepe is a native Sicilian and a fantastic chef and whenever he wants a bite of the homeland he goes to visit him. He also goes on to say that Luigi is a good cook, but Pepe is a master. Keep driving, and upon arrival a cutscene will be triggered.

Kill the Morello hit squad and protect the Don at all costs

The best way to do this is to take out all of the guys in the apartment building, then take out the rest of the guys from the windows or wait for them to come to you. It's recommended to use the first-aid kit near the back exit before killing the last guy, as it makes the next part easier. After all this is done, a cutscene will play. The Don realizes it was his bodyguard/driver Carlo who sold him out, and orders you to kill him.

Drive to Carlo's and kill him

Drive to the place in Little Italy shown on the map and enter the building. Once inside follow the Don to where he stops. Kick open the door, then go out the window and head down the stairs. Walk until you're at the last shed. Carlo is lurking by the side of the one across from you. Take him out, then watch out for the guys that come for you afterwards. If you used the first-aid kit back at the restaurant, you shouldn't have any trouble here. After that the mission is over.


A cutscene will play, in which you meet Sergio Morello Jr., Don Morello's brother. He has a few of his thugs beating up a union official. They find out that Salieri is still alive, the customers at the restaurant are dead, their men are dead, and so is Carlo, thereby leaving no witnesses to the crime. With the end of the cutscene, you learn that the Don's car has been added to your garage and that you have the ability to steal cars like it.