The Bolt Ace is a vehicle in Mafia.


The Bolt Ace is based on the Ford Model T, the first mass-produced car. Having been manufactured between 1908 and 1927, the Bolt Ace in the game is depicted as a late model from the late-1910s and 1920s. The Bolt Ace is also the smallest car in the game.

The Bolt Ace is available in six body styles and five colors, including blue, dark blue, brown, green and red.


All variants of the Bolt Ace share the exact same performance traits, as indicated below from the Carcyclopedia:

  • Weight: 1760 lb (800 kg)
  • Power: 22 HP (16.2 kW)
  • Maximum speed: 45 mph (72 km/h)
  • Engine: Four cylinder
  • Swept volume: 2865 ccm
  • Gear box: Two speed pedal-operated

The Bolt Ace is a light car which allows for tight cornering at low speeds, and can accelerate competently despite a weak engine, though it may struggle to hit the speed limit of 40 mph.

The Bolt Ace is also significantly weak. The car easily suffers more damage from collisions and gunfire than newer models, and may even lose a wheel or suffer catastrophic engine damage in high-speed crashes.


As a result of its already widespread existence by 1930, the car appears frequently through much of Mafia's early storyline alongside newer car models from the 1920s, but is gradually made rarer over the course of the plot through the 1930s, eventually disappearing altogether by Visiting Rich People (1933).

In the storyline, the Bolt Ace Fordor is the first car that the player receives from Ralph, during Molotov Party; the player also gains the ability to lockpick Bolt Aces from the start in both the storyline ("Molotov Party") and Free Ride.


  • Runabout front
  • Runabout rear
  • Coupe front
  • Coupe rear
  • Tudor front
  • Tudor rear
  • Touring front
  • Touring rear
  • Fordor front
  • Fordor rear
  • Pickup front
  • Pickup rear