Bellaire's Supermarket is a location in Mafia III.


Bellaire's Supermarket is a chain of grocery stores with two locations in New Bordeaux. One is in Frisco Fields and used by the Southern Union as an auction house and front for their human trafficking racket. Another smaller store is located in the French Ward's garden district, but it can not be entered.


Racket Entrances

During takeover, the racket may be entered through the following points.

Ground Level

  • Main store entrances on the north and west sides of the building.
  • Locked rear door on the south side.
  • Service entrance on the northeast end of the building.

Notable Items

Some items may only be available while a specific mission or objective is active.




  • $8750 in cash in various locations.
    • An additional $3500 on a desk during the 'Investigate Bellaire's Grocery Store' objective only.
  • A note found in the upstairs meeting room.
  • Clothing Wardrobe in the upstairs break room.


  • If the player chooses the leave New Bordeaux ending, Lincoln will spawn here when choosing to continue after the credits. Afterward, while standing next to your vehicle the radio will be playing while simultaneously making the sound effect of changing the stations. This can be corrected by entering your vehicle and toggling the radio on/off key.


  • Note
  • French Ward location
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