Bear Donnelly is a character in Mafia III.


Protection Racket

Bear Donnelly is a member of the Irish Mob and says he owes Thomas Burke everything, so he agreed to keep an eye on Sonny Blue's protection racket and what's going on over at the Roberdeau Meat Packing plant in Pointe Verdun. When Nicki Burke sends Lincoln to see Bear, he supplies him with the information he's gathered.

He tells him that Sonny lets a room out to the The Butcher's loan sharking and protection guys at the Roberdeau. When they can't do things there, they put the hurt to people on the street. Sonny only comes around to scare his people into shape, but he hears one of his guys, Ralph McNairy, got caught skimming, and they're working him over at the slaughterhouse. He thinks it might be beneficial if Lincoln pulled him out of the fire.

Once Lincoln has stirred up enough trouble, he returns to Bear, who tells him that Sonny Blue has showed up over at the Roberdeau and is set on getting things back to normal by making his men more scared of him than Lincoln. Lincoln warns Bear to keep his head down until this is all over.

PCP Racket

After helping get Pointe Verdun back under Burke's control, Bear decided to branch out, realizing that there was no longer anything for him in that organization. His ambitions brought him to the streets of Frisco Fields, where he now keeps a shabby room at the Quik Lodge Motel. He tells Lincoln that he's moved into dealing mind-melting narcotics, and he hears the best PCP is coming out of Frisco. It's so good that it's cutting into his business.

Bear doesn't know much about the operation, but he's learned that a while back Olivia Marcano hired a top-notch chemist named Bobby Bastian and tasked him with upgrading her operations, which is making it impossible for small time cooks to compete. They even have taxis delivering their product. Olivia also brought in a couple of other eggheads from San Francisco. If Lincoln takes them out, Bastian's going to find himself in a lot of trouble.

Once Lincoln has dealt some damage to the operation, Bear tells him Bastian's shown up over at the lab. The Marcanos are none too happy about the disruption to their cash flow and Bastian is in a state. Before he leaves, Lincoln warns Bear that he can sell whatever drugs he's going to sell, but he'd better steer well clear of the Hollow.



  • He has a huge crush on Nicki Burke, claiming he will marry her one day.


  • Bear in his shabby room at the Quik Lodge Motel
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