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Baron Saturday's Fun Park is a location in Mafia III.



Baron Saturday's Fun Park was built in the 1940s by investors out of Frisco Fields. These investors were looking for a way to keep New Bordeaux segregated by building an amusement park specifically for black citizens. The racist stereotypes throughout Baron Saturday's were quickly seized upon by local residents and resulted in massive protests and vandalism. In the end, Baron Saturday's Fun Park lasted only three months before being shuttered and abandoned.

Taking Back the Hollow

When Ritchie Doucet hears that Giorgi Marcano wants him dead for losing control of Delray Hollow, he comes to the park to hide out and make a last stand with his men. When Lincoln Clay hears of this, he heads to the park to take back the Hollow and finish off the Dixie Mafia for good. After making his way through Doucet's men Lincoln overpowers Ritchie and then drags him outside and hangs him from the Ferris wheel.


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  • The park was once the source of controversy over what civil rights groups called "racially inflammatory imagery".
  • According to Charles Laveau, the owners of the Briar Patch were the primary financial backers of the park.
  • The name of the park, Baron Saturday, is a reference to the Voodoo loa, Baron Samedi. Samedi being French for Saturday.
  • The park interior is only accessible during Pray on the Way Up.