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An Associate is a member of a criminal organization or crime family who often works in their rackets or carries out jobs, illegal in nature, for the Boss or other members. They may also be corrupt politicians, union officials, or businessmen who use their influence to perform regular favors for a criminal organization in return for money or other compensation.

In traditional Mafia crime families, associates may be either low level members who haven't been made yet, or members who cannot be made due to their non-Italian heritage. While the former usually perform low level jobs until they prove themselves, the latter can often hold high ranking positions such as accountant or Consigliere.

In other Criminal Organizations associates can be official members, or anyone outside of the organization who performs specific tasks for the group for monetary compensation. They can be anything from doctors who treat injured gangsters on the side, to arms dealers who supply the group with guns and ammunition. Associates can also be someone working inside another organization with information or services worth paying for, like crooked cops and police dispatchers.

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