Additional Content in Mafia II is information or features that's in addition to the main game but not considered Downloadable Content. This content comes in forms such as in game extras and additional background information.

In Game Extras

Family Album

Marty Santorelli - Family Album

The Mafia II Family Album lists many of Mafia II's characters with both current and background information that helped shape their story and define their respective roles in the game. It is unlocked after completing the final chapter, where it can be found in the game menu under extras.


Artworks are a form of collectible in Mafia II and include Paintings, Posters, and Pinups. The paintings and posters will be awarded as you progress through the game on any difficulty and the Pinups will be awarded for playing the game on hard difficulty. They can be accessed in the game menu under extras.


Playboy Magazines

Playboy Logo

Playboy Magazines are a set of 50 collectibles in Mafia II. They can be collected as you play through the game and each magazine depicts a centerfold model from the 1950s - 1960s era. You can view the centerfolds from the main menu under "Extras", "Collectibles", then "Playboy".

Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters are a set of 159 collectibles in Mafia II. They're found on the exteriors of buildings and alleyways around Empire Bay and can be collected whenever the player can roam freely around the city. Each wanted poster depicts a gangster-style mugshot of a member of the 2K Czech staff and can be viewed from the main menu under "Extras", "Collectibles", then "Wanted Posters".

Additional Content

The Story of Frankie Potts

Frankie Potts Files 49

The Story of Frankie Potts was a pre-release interactive game that covered the activities of Frankie Potts, an undercover FBI agent that infiltrated the world of Empire Bay's three Mafia families to learn their inner workings and expose unlawful activities.

Mafia II Loading Quotes

The Mafia II Loading Quotes are those that appear as the game loads. With the game engine having very quick load times, many of these go unread by the player so we pulled them from the game files and assembled them all here for the player to read.

Mafia II Deluxe Artbook

Mafia II Deluxe Artbook 002

The Mafia II Deluxe Artbook is a premium collection of artworks included in the collector's edition of the Mafia II game.

Mafia Series Timeline

The Mafia Series Timeline is a feature of the Mafia Wiki that covers the entire history of the Mafia Series game world in chronological order. From the founding of Empire Bay in 1547 to the final events of Mafia III, every major event in the history of the Mafia universe can be viewed in brief bullet format with links to more in-depth articles.

Media Holding Cell

The Media Holding Cell is a repository of images, artworks, and wallpapers related to the Mafia Series games but not otherwise fitting for other pages.