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Additional Content in Mafia are notable items found within or in addition to the game.


Additional content includes in-game extras and additional background information. These items are all listed here for convenient access.

Game Content

Family Album

The Mafia Family Album lists personality and background information on many of Mafia's characters that helped shape their story and define their respective roles in the game. It is taken directly from the game manual supplied with the PC version of the Mafia game.

Cultural References

Cultural References are ideas that relate to specific pop culture, music, television shows, movies, or video games that are mentioned or inserted into the game by its developers as a reference for fans of those genres to notice.

Free Ride

Free Ride is a game mode in Mafia available on the PC version. It allows players to free roam the city earning money for doing various things like killing gangsters and taking taxi fares.

Free Ride Extreme

Free Ride Extreme is a game mode in Mafia available on the PC version. The mode is unlocked after the game is completed and offers 19 arcade style missions to complete.

Grand Prix Mode

Grand Prix is a game mode for Mafia appearing exclusively in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions. It features the ability to do street racing in various vehicles on the streets of Lost Heaven.

Mafia Wiki Content

Mafia Series Timeline

The Mafia Series Timeline is a feature of the Mafia Wiki that covers the entire history of the Mafia Series game world in chronological order. From the founding of Empire Bay in 1547 to the final events of Mafia III, every major event in the history of the Mafia universe can be viewed in brief bullet format with links to more in-depth articles.

Media Holding Cell

The Media Holding Cell is a repository of images, artworks, and wallpapers related to the Mafia Series games but not otherwise fitting for other pages.