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A Trip to the Country is a mission in Mafia: Definitive Edition.


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February 2nd, 1933

The year is 1933. During these days, Frank had to deal with day-to-day orders for the family, and this time, he wanted Tommy to help Sam and Paulie secure a shipment of booze from Canada.


For collectibles found in this mission, please see the Collectible Walkthrough.

Head for Salieri's warehouse to meet Paulie. A cutscene will play, showing Paulie and Tommy heading to the countryside. At the countryside, Tommy feels suspicious upon discovering that no one seems to be present, prompting Paulie and him to search for Sam.

After looking around the farm, Tommy decided to return to the truck, only to discover that one of the crew is dead and an ambush party telling him to put his gun. Tommy decided to defend himself, and a shootout ensues.

After the gunfight, Paulie rejoined with Tommy and discovered that the ambushers were plainclothes police officers paid by Morello. Paulie decided to forget the booze shipment and focus on searching and rescuing Sam, whose under attack by the ambushers. In an effort to help Sam, Tommy defends him from more ambushers.

Escaping the ambush, the Salieri family is met with heavy police presence, prompting Tommy to defend the truck while keeping Sam in check. After the police have been dealt with, the Salieri family members make their way to the doctor.

After the doctor's visit, Tommy returned the truck to Salieri's warehouse and drive back home.

Truck Chase

During the truck chase, you will have to shoot out the turret on an armored truck. There's not much room for error, so try to time your shots so you're reloading while the turret is shooting. That way you can shoot continuously while the turret is reloading. It also requires a fairly good aim, as missing for even a few seconds will likely cause you to fail the mission.


Completing this chapter grants the Your Canuck Cousins achievement, unlocks the Trenchcoat outfits, and opens up the Central Island Post Card mission.


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